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Management Team
Consultant Medical & Surgical: Dr. Harry Martin Svabø, MD
Dr. Harry Martin Svabø is a physician and a specialist in general surgery. He is also a highly experienced organization man who has been Secretary General of the Norwegian Medical Association for over 20 years. Moreover, he also led The Ethics Committee of the World Medical Association and served on the board of the World Medical Association. Svabø has also been chairman of the Academics' Union.
Consultant Medical & Surgical: Dr. Jacob Bergsland, MD, Ph.D., FACS
Prof. Dr. Jacob Bergsland is Professor and Specialist in cardiothoracic & vascular surgery. He is an internationally renowned surgeon and researcher in his field and is currently working about 50% in Rikshospitalet in Oslo and about 50% at the heart clinic, BH Heart Center in Tuzla in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Prof. Dr. Jacob Bergsland is also a shareholder in this hospital. He has good contacts at the political top level in the BIH and holds the country's highest honors.
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Trygve J. Willersrud, DDS
Dr. Trygve J. Willersrud is a trained dentist and has operated a private dental practice in Jessheim in 27 years. Besides this, he has run various forms of businesses, and has also built and operated a small business center in Jessheim. In 2005 TW established tour operator company Active Travel Norway AS. The company entered into an agreement the Norwegian Pensioners Association. Dr. Trygve J. Willersrud is the CEO of Scandinavian Health Programs AS and HelseRekruttering SHP AS. Dr. Trygve J. Willersrud has established SHP as the company's main shareholder.

Candidate facilitator
Heidi Beate Fuglerud
Heidi B. Fuglerud is the company´s candidate facilitator with the responsibilities for housing, schooling, kindergarten and other practical matters. She is also a member of the team meeting with the hospitals and the municipalities giving presentations of SHP. In addition, Heidi will be a part of the team of facilitators for internal and external social or educational meetings.



Anna Svabø
Anna is a sociologist and registered nurse educated in Norway. She has comprehensive experience in the field of nursing, and she has worked as a teacher at the Norwegian College of Nursing. Anna Svabø is a valuable consultant in the recruitment process helping us assess the education, qualifications, and skills of foreign nurses and healthcare workers. She has also lead the ethic committee in The Norwegian Nursing Association.

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